I Have To vs. I Get To and the Positive Mind Shift That Happens

Did you know that the words we use/choose for ourselves have a lot of value and importance? There is no denying that our words can play a pivotal role in shaping who we are. It is mainly because our words help in reinforcing either a negative or positive perspective.

Answer these three questions before reading further:

Do you feel that you are not heading in the right direction?

Do you believe that your luck is not working anymore?

Do you find yourself questioning everything that is happening in your life?

If your answer is ‘yes,’ there is a high possibility that it is mostly because of your approach to everything that you do in your life. Given that the words we use can have a huge impact on our lives, there are these two really important words/phrases that we use on daily basis: I Have To and I Get To.

Understand the Difference: Change Your “I Have To” Into “I Get To”

The mindset (positive or negative) of a person for day to day scenarios is all that matters. If there is even a slight negativity in the mindset, the outcome can be a lot different for a person. Understand that:

Have To frames things in such a way that it looks like you are required or obligated to do things. In other words, ‘Have to’ represents obligation. Get To frames things in a more positive way, with a sense of appreciation and gratitude. In other words, ‘Get To’ represents opportunity.

“Transform your life by using the power of positive thinking.”

Let’s have a look at an example: you have a final exam of a subject that you absolutely hate but still, you have to pass it. You either go with the approach of “I have to prepare for my exam” or “I get to prepare for my exam.” In both scenarios, you have to prepare for your exam. However, your mindset determines the outcome.

In the first scenario, you take preparing for the exam as something that is mandatory for you and that’s why you consider it as a burden on yourself. As a result of it, you take the insincere and somewhat dejected approach. However, in the second scenario, you take preparing for the exam as something that gives you an opportunity to pass the exam with a good grade.

Hence, your mindset and approach become more hopeful and positive. Some other examples are:

“I have to get up and go for a morning walk,” reframed as “I get to get up early and go for a morning walk to feel fresh and active all day long.”

“I have to get this presentation done,” reframed as “I get to complete this presentation that could impress my boss and help me get a promotion.”

Reframe Your Mindset

By changing your mindset from “I have to” to “I get to,” you can experience a positive change in your life. All you have to do is to shift your negative mindset into a positive one and you’ll start to experience a change in your life, a positive and refreshing change.

You have to comprehend all that it takes to reframe your mindset is your sheer determination. Be it exercising or going out to meet new people, your mindset and approach to anything in your life can open up doors to new opportunities.

The Bottom Line

It is safe to say that when you replace Have to with Get To, you get to experience a powerful perspective change in your life. This perspective change can have a huge impact on your life. Understand that life is short yet full of possibilities and opportunities. Challenge yourself to shift your mindset into a positive one to avail endless opportunities in front of you. So, what are you waiting for? You “Get To” start changing your mindset today, not tomorrow! CHANGE BY DAY.