CBD & The 2018 Farm Bill

In December 2017 it was announced that “The 2018 Farm Bill” had passed! Woo hoo! The cannabis and hemp industries rejoiced! Then we had to really think about what this meant for our businesses. What new regulations would be put in place and what do we need to do to be prepared? What does this mean for our consumers?

You may have some of the same questions. Our amazing Business Advisor, Aaron Soffer has prepared a short video explaining ALL the ins and outs of The 2018 Farm Bill as it relates to the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018. Check out the video!

At Change By Day, we have sure to only partner with trusted cultivators and producers who were already working under the strictest FDA compliance and Good Manufacturing Practices. We are looking forward to seeing what happens along with the rest of you as this new legislation unfolds!