“CBD changed my life” with Tamara Baker

At the young age of 55, Tamara Baker from Las Vegas Nevada suffered from back pain all of her life. After two months of taking Change By Day CBD, she has found relief not only physically but it has also given her hope to live again after the depression of losing her Husband five years prior.

Tamara Baker 55 years old, Las Vegas Nevada


Up until recently Tamara discovered that there was a chip in her lower disc that was the culprit to the achy pain she felt. After seeing multiple physicians Tamara was prescribed pain medication and over the counter medication. Tamara found herself taking three Percocet’s every day along with three to four over the counter pain medication for 18 months straight. While this was numbing the pain it also came with side effects: constipation.

Simple things in life we often take for granted. Tamara shares how constipation hindered her life. The agonizing, embarrassing pain from not being able to use the restroom for weeks at time.

Tamara started to take Change By Day’s Alleviate and Meditate CBD capsules and within a week she started to feel a difference allowing her to decrease her Percocet intake by 33%. Reducing even this amount gave Tamara the relief of being able to use the restroom for a bowel movement, a huge victory! After consistently taking the CBD for five weeks she went from taking 90 prescription pain pills in a month down to less than 5.

Adding to this physical pain she also endured emotional and mental stresses due to the loss of her husband to cancer just five years prior. Tamara found herself having sleepless nights missing her life partner. She found herself taking handfuls of sleep medication, which she still woke up tossing and turning. Tamara was shocked to find that the Meditate CBD with only one milligram of melatonin was able to give her a full nights rest. “I wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day!”

“CBD has just changed my life. Now it’s made me where I want to live.. and I’m going to live again.”

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